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Welcome to the Europe teaching resources portal. This page is intended to list resources useful for teaching courses which cross periods, geographic borders, and look at larger regions or international questions, and also to gather together links to pages about specific countries, regions, or themes. Please browse and share resources below, and feel free to create new subsections. For help with editing see our Editing Guide.

Links to National and Regional Pages

  • France
  • Poland
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Related Regional, Global or Transnational Pages

  • British Empire
  • Iberian Empires
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Thematic or Topical Pages

  • Medieval
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General Europe Teaching Resources

Pre-Recorded Lectures or Podcasts

Assignments or Readings

  • Sample
  • Sample2

Other Resources

  • The Fallen of World War Two The 18-minute long video and interactive data-driven analysis breaks down the war’s tragedies with a deeply engaging look at the shocking number of people who died, where they came from and how they lost their lives.
  • The Mapping History Project has been designed to provide interactive and animated representations of fundamental historical problems and/or illustrations of historical events, developments, and dynamics.


  • Sample
  • Sample2