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  • Collective Document Analysis Allan Tulchin created Google Docs of historical documents for his students to collectively analyze. He instructed his students as follows: "Instead of the usual HW assignments I am creating electronic versions of the documents we will be reading in GoogleDocs. For each day (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday), you should comment at least once on the document. This comment is due by 10:00 AM Eastern time. By 2:00 PM you should add a comment to someone else’s comment – along the lines of “I agree because...” or “I interpret this sentence differently because...”After reading the annotated document, you will be required to write short response to the prompt. These should be uploaded to D2L between 2:00 PM and 9:00 AM the next day. You should include in your submission the three student comments that were most helpful in writing your short response." A sample document is here